Hi, I’m Frédéric Perrin. Designer & developer during the day, photographer at night. Or the other way round? I’m a designer who makes pictures and a photographer who does design. I live and work in Paris.

Photography has always been an important part of my life. I simply couldn’t live without this strong connection to my emotions and to the world.

This is my web site where I post pictures while travelling. Or to be more precise posting photos once I’m back home and have gone through them! A way to extend the journey and express the feelings I experience.

Why blustemy? This is a nickname I’ve been using for a few years. Not too far from the blustery weather I sometimes encounter while making pictures of seascapes.

The small boring notice… all images are my own copyright and cannot be used or copied in any way without my knowledge or consent.


  • Winner of the Landscape Photo Competition 2016 No 1 on Leica I Shot It.